All the wonders of the world .

Like taj mahal in agra India.

Like the colossem in Rome Italy.

Like the white house in Washington.

We should be wondering this is enough.

But no there are still so many wonders.

In the observable galaxy


The Nathan Estibeiro




Relocating to a wonderful place

With new friends to meet.

First question they would ask

Is Which languages you speak

I would tell that I speak English.

The new neighbours will tell hello.

I would tell how kind of you .

They would help us to move in.

And to keep all our things inside.

Then we would say thank.

Relocate                                                      The Nathan Estibeiro


I always wanted to go to the zoo.

Where all the animals are kept.

There is a variety of animals.

Like tigers,lions,cheetah,leopard.

Are wild animals which are kept

In safety because we can take a

Close look over the animals.

The zookeeper feeds the animals.


The Nathan Estibeiro








Sparkly sparky sparkly.

my mother’s earing.

In our food sparkly sprinkle.

We are always looking for

Something Sparkly. As they

Say diamonds are girl best

Friend because they are so

Sparkly. Like spinkles that

We use in a desert topping.

As they say in science that

There some sparkly things in

The surface of  saturn. The

Sixth planet of our solar system.


The Nathan estibeiro


Music into the speakers
I turned the volume loud.
I started honking my car
To give boost to volume.
I was naughty little here
We shouldn’t talk in a loud volume to burst someone’s ears,but talk softly with love.
We shouldn’t burst our TV volume to disturb someone
Reduce the volume soft
To make a mood full of pleasant.
Volume volume !!that’s what we say.


With real expectations we reveal our life
Like me revealing that i maybe a spy
My sis Monica revealing her secret job
Like don’t hide from God always reveal your secret to god
Like we reveal our goals in life
Like USA revealing that the world is going to end
Like Jesus revealed that God made all things.


Nathan Estibeiro


Tender is love like the little boy in me
Tender means sunshine which guides my path everyday
Tender are my thoughts
Tender are my emotions
Tender is the truth
Tender our my feelings
Tender are the moments I spend with people i love
Tender are the parents who stop u doing wrong
Tender is freedom
Tender is the heart which loves you.Tender and softly Jesus blesses me each day
Tender are my grandparents who love and care for me.
Tender is my mind which made me love u all.


Nathan estibeiro